Meet SkyePoet Giving hope, love and inspiration thru her art. Art has been a way to express her emotions, and over come some fears. Passionate about her work, she donates her art and time to create murals around the city. 

What is or was your biggest fear?

SKYE: My biggest fear in life always WAS not being accepted, liked or good enough.  In school growing up I was a loner with big ideas and ways I wanted to change the world, an odd ball and although people always complimented me on my creativity in writing and art, I felt I was never accepted by anyone around me.  I was fearful that I wouldn't have friends or anyone who got me.  I always thought I had to over do, over achieve and over succeed to get anywhere and if I tried my hardest and be a leader that maybe people would want to be friends with me or like me or learn from me.  I was scared that there weren't people that thought like me about wanting the world to be a good place and colorful and happy and bright.

Throughout the years I struggled after having bad relationships that undervalued me, betrayed me and abused me  I really felt broken then and not worth anything.  I had no outlet, nowhere to put my feelings. I started to put my fear on canvas with my hands.  I would turn music on loud, pour a glass of wine and dip my fingers in paint spreading my pain on canvas.  My art became emotions and tears whether happy or sad.  I escaped from rejection by transcribing how I felt through my hands and on canvas.  I decided to paint once a day and accept my pain and accept my fears by releasing them through paint.  After I started painting, I started selling my art every month on social networks and telling people if I hated them or not.  REJECTING AND ACCEPTING MYSELF FIRST so no-one else could.  Being able to look at my art after a night of painting and acknowledging it and the mistakes of color or technique and forgiving it by ADDING LAYERS>  layers made it better- it made me continue to try harder but only this time to be accepted by myself.  For my paintings to be loved by me.  This made me feel better by empowering ME and not letting anyone take it away from me because they couldn't.  I created it.  I painted it.  I felt it and when I sold them I shared my HeArt with them.  I felt accepted because MY HEART AND EMOTIONS were understood through Art and painting.  

My first show was in October 2013 and I was so scared and had a panic attack. I went and got drunk and left the entire show because I was scared of people hating my art.  BUT my art wasn't rejected, it was embraced.  People loved it, people started emailing me and calling me to do shows, commissions and I felt I WAS UNDERSTOOD AND ACCEPTED for the first time all through my layers of art I call emotion.  Art made me fell deeper, give more, accept me and all my flaws because with art i knew there was always a blank canvas for me to have the power to be the only judge.  

I want to make people happy instead of making people like me.  I started my movement after canvas painting by donating murals in Silverlake all promoting PEACE LOVE HOPE NOW!  All my murals show love.  And growth.  My dream is to give people the opportunity to see something beautiful even when things are ugly in their life or surroundings.  My dream is to live my life sharing kindness and helping other achieve and not give up on themselves.  I want to mentor artists and creators and help them learn how they can be anything they want starting from their heart.  My biggest dream came true and that was having my family and my husband and getting married and living my life with my kids and the people eI love.  That was my true dream.  My dream is for everyone else because I know longer need or want acceptance or to be liked, I have that.  So now I want to give others what i struggled with so long and help.  Give HOPE. Encouragement and love. I can do that through ART.  I can paint happiness starting with trees of growth and hearts of love and flowers of beauty and koi of peace.  ART CHANGES PEOPLE!  I recently started a SHARING MY HeART fund to raise money to continue GIVING murals away so I can make neighborhoods beautiful and people smile.