We are all full of fears, we are all chickens. I used to think that feeling fear was not good. That once you had confidence the fear would go away and you could move forward. So I waited not to be afraid to do what I wanted. So I never did anything, I allowed it to paralyze me.

If you wait not to feel fear you will never move. Your fear is always there. Courage is fear in action. You most move towards what you fear, to over come it.

I am believe fear is an illusion that we create, danger is real. We create unrealistic fears. We are now in a habitual state of fear of everything. It's silly and funny what we fear. We have lost the essence of who we truly are.

Feeling fear is something that you create with your mind, something we feel uncomfortable feeling. EVERYONE feels fear. 

We are afraid of what others my think, or say about us. We are afraid of being silly and ridiculous. Of showing our vulnerability.

Fear is an energy, a feeling WE generate from a thought that we create. There is a energy that shifts when you TRUST and believe!  

So why the chicken suit?

A Chicken represents fear, I admit I am a chicken, there are lots of things I am afraid of. Once you admit being afraid you get a step closer to facing that fear. 

I designed and made the suit myself, I thought this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever done. It will remind me how ridiculous my fears are. The Chicken helps me get out of my own skin and be silly, be ridiculous and vulnerable, a freedom that I have not allowed myself before. I have dragging it with me to 10 countries to make my point. Some relate to me some laugh and some may think I'm stupid.

As humans we judge and asses people by their looks, some times not even given them a change to be who they are, we judge by weight, looks, race, style, height and gender. All my life I have been concern about how I looked. I was worried about what others thought of me. Always feeling uncomfortable with myself. There is a rigidness and shyness that I have developed. 

If I am in a chicken suit I am simply a chicken, you are not looking at me as a person. The message may come across clearer for some. There is a connection you make with others when you share a smile or a giggle, or a good laugh. 

Please laugh share it with your friends, encourage me and support our project. If you don't laugh you might be taking life to seriously and may need to relax and get in a chicken suit.

I hope this inspires you to be silly, ridiculous and not care what others think of your dreams.

Be a Super Chicken and go after your dreams! 


Inaction breeds doubt and fear,
Action breeds confidence and courage.
If you want to conquer fear, DO NOT sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy- Dale Carnegie