It all started when...

In 2008, I decided to finally live an adventure. I had never  done anything risky or outside of the conventional. I was a divorced single Mother just caring for my daughter and working. I left a coltish religion which I was raised in. I realized I had lived in a bubble through out my life. I felt I was moving from bubble to bubble. Never doing anything very different or extraordinary, just staying comfortable and ordinary.
 I read a book, which ignited a fire with in me to do something new. I was living comfortably but I wanted to do something new and different. I knew there was more to life then just being comfortable. I thought what has changed in my life in the last 2 years,..”nothing”. I asked myself what will be different this coming year,..”nothing”,unless I do something different. So I decided to fly the coop. I had no idea how much my life was going to change and how much I was going to change.

Within a month I was packed and out of my house. I felt if I gave it too much thought and asked others what they thought, I wouldn't do it So I took action and left no way out. Zelina was 13 at the time, I enrolled her in Home School. I decided I wanted to travel, it was never a dream, it was never even a possibility. But I wanted to do something extreme to get me out of my bubble. Once I started packing I thought I had lost my mind, I panicked and got terrified but there was something bigger than my fear pulling me. I had to go, I had no idea why. People thought I was running from something, I felt I was running to something. I question everything a million times, but I did it. I thought if not now, when? The idea of continuing my routine was much more terrifying to me.

So I left and drove alone to Mexico. I thought I would start in Mexico I always heard how beautiful it was. I had only visited a few times before. I also wanted to connect a little to the culture, and have Zelina learn a little Spanish. So off we went I headed to the small town of San Miguel de Allende. This is where our Journey started. Despite people telling me I was going to get killed, robbed and raped. The bitter taste of fear began. I was at the border shaking and feeling I had to throw up because I was so scared, and I had my little girl with me. I don't think I have ever felt so much fear. But again their was something that pushed me to continue as if it were a calling. We were on the road for 3 days straight, nothing happened. People were kind and the roads were find.

About 1 month in to my adventure 2008 the economy took a bad turn. Everything changed so I decided not to travel, and not to go back to LA. I wanted to stay where I could spend more quality time with my daughter, rather than run back and try to save my business and house. I decided to save myself and my daughter from the rat race. I stayed in San Miguel, Zelina attended an American School with 40 kinds in the entire school.

The lessons started, I had to hit bottom to find myself. I was in another country, didn’t know anyone. Back home I lost my business and house things were not going well.

Being in Mexico gave me the space to learn, patience, humility, faith and love. It opened my heart to who I am. Letting go of my conditioning beliefs, my culture, friends, family. I had the time to just be and to be with me. Without the distractions of the city life, the over stimulation and conditioning of our thoughts by media, and all the entertainment we have that distracts us from our true selves. It wasn’t easy, I struggled to adapt. Until I accepted what is. I stop resisting what I didn’t understand. I let go of who I thought I was, my beliefs and of my limitations. Things became clearer to me. I understand now why I went to Mexico and how I was able to open myself and heal so much. It was the greatest gift I gave myself and my daughter. It transformed us to gentler, kinder and more loving girls. It allowed my daughter and I to have a beautiful relationship, and for her to grow up in peace for the 5 years we ended up living there. She is kind, loving and compassionate. I have allowed her essence to flourish, with out clouding it with my issues and my “stories.” Her enthusiasm for life, her joy and kindness, have been a great example for me to learn to be the same. Our children are our greatest teachers.  I was able teach my daughter, to be accepting of others, that there is a lesson to be learned from everyone we meet. I was able to show her that the world is not this scary place in which you have to fear all. What started as just a dream to travel has now turned into a purpose: to meet people that are inspiring from all walks of life. 

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to live all the experiences I have in the years in Mexico. I met amazing people and made life time friends. I met spiritual teachers and guides that help me be the me I am now. I found my heart in Mexico.

Mexico is full of love, joy and kindness, despite the bad that is there, we overlook the beauty that is there in it’s people. I am blessed to be part of this culture and heritage.

I found my sense of adventure and courage, and found that I loved traveling and meeting people. This is when I decided to go on a second adventure, and back pack through Europe for 6 months with Zelina and my Chicken suit. Couchsurfing and making friends everywhere we went. My want to continues to travel and inspire others that anything is possible.